How To Choose The Right Multi Tool

The first thing to consider when looking to purchase a multi tool you have to consider how much you want to spend. If you want one that has quite a few tools then you may have to spend a little more. You should find one that fits your budget if you do some research. The next thing to consider is do you want one that will have to be worn on your belt or are you looking for something more compact and light to just put it in your pocket. There are many different models that can easily be carried in a pocket but they may not include all the tools you want. Try to really think about what you want compared to what you really need and then make a choice.

You could always consider looking at 2 different multi tools that serve different purposes. You may want one for work and a completely different one for maybe camping. You may decide that you just want a compact, light multi tool with just the essentials that you could attach to your key ring or throw in a purse. You may be looking for a multi tool that will include all the necessary survival tools and accessories if you are backpacking or going on a canoe trip. Many of us like to have a small knife attached to our car keys and also have a full-blown multi tool with all the tools available in the car for those emergencies that come up once in a while. It’s nice to know that you are prepared for these kind of situations especially if you need a toothpick after going through the drive-thru for lunch.

You may have to compromise when you are ready to pick the one that suits you. There will probably be a few that fit the bill but they might come with extra tools you really don’t need or may not use very often. This will most likely be the case so we recommend that you go for the one that has a couple of extra features because one day you will probably want or need them. If you are leaning towards a multi tool that will be carried on your belt then make sure it includes all the essentials like pliers, knife, saw, screwdriver, scissors and a can opener which you may need one day to eat. Some brands of multi tools come with the option of removing and exchanging tools to fit your needs. This is a great feature and should be considered when making your choice. It means your multi tool will last a lot longer. custom multi tool 

Make sure you check out all the major brands like Leatherman, SOG, Gerber and Victorinox, then decide from your research. These are all well-established companies with very good reputations. They all offer many different models with many features that will work for just about everybody. They all offer good warranties and back up their products. If you can visit a store that carries a wide variety of these products then we recommend that you go and check them out for yourself. If this is not possible then we recommend that you read as many of the reviews available and use that information to make an informative choice. Some of these multi tools have hundreds of customer reviews with good quality information from experienced professionals. There are police officers, firefighters, paramedics and soldiers all giving their opinions on these products so take advantage of this information and you will most likely find the right multi tool.

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